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Telling stories to drive business success

Stories help organisations articulate their culture, strategies, ambitions and everyday goals. Organisations without a narrative, clear stories and a resilient sense of their identity will always have difficulty managing their culture and reputation. One of the primary tasks of a leader is to ensure that these stories are in place, and understood by all.

We work with leaders and their teams to develop powerful, motivating narratives at all levels:

Personal narratives: for individuals at all levels of an organisation, as they seek to motivate others to contribute to the goals that they champion. 

Sometimes the work aims to reflect the best of what is; sometimes to capture a transformational idea of what could be; frequently it's a combination.  Whatever the context of the final narrative (company-wide, departmental or individual), our objectives are the same.  

Our aim: to produce clearly headlined, clearly structured statements of purpose that open up specific programmes of action and genuinely connect with the target audience and their concerns.

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