Making Sense of Strategy

July 2018


Effectively communicating strategy can be one of the more tricky challenges facing an organisation. Go into too much detail and audiences glaze over pretty quickly as death-by-PowerPoint is inflicted upon them. Or pitch it at too high a level and no-one is any the wiser about what it means for them. Which, by the way, is the question that the majority of audiences are most interested in hearing the answer to.

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Why, why, why. A postcard from Canada

June 2018

I spent the other week at the IABC World Conference in Montreal. The scale of the thing is impressive, over 1,300 communications professionals from around the globe (although most unsurprisingly from North America) attending a 4-day action-packed programme with Seth Godin headlining. I ran a session about a 3-part manifesto for improving leadership communication... 

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How a leadership narrative enhances performance

March 2018

Here’s a fun exercise... think back to some of the things you’ve heard people say about their leaders. Things like... 

‘He’s got a brain the size of a planet but absolutely zero empathy’

‘I respect her, but I wouldn’t want to sit next to her on a long-haul flight’

‘Beware - he’ll tell you what you want to hear then do something completely different’

Or my favourite...

‘I reckon she reads accountancy books in bed’

Typical, and all real I should add.

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