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Our Seasonal Spin

December 2017

2017 will not pass into history books unnoticed. A cast list of technologies, tyrants and technocrats have conspired to make it a red-letter year, and surely one that future generations will study with some curiosity. Against this backdrop, for us at Visible Leaders it’s been a year of growth and opportunity, as well as one in which we’ve learned a thing or five that will shape our work in 2018.

Business digitisation needs analogue communication

October 2017

It’s funny how sometimes a word finds an idea, and once in the lingua franca, there’s no letting go. Up until a few months ago, I’m not sure ‘digitisation’ was a thing, but now it’s everywhere, and like a fantastic pop song, it now feels like it’s been around forever.

Four communication types to avoid... And the one to embrace

October 2017

You can’t pick up a leadership book or piece of engagement research without someone telling you how fundamentally important ‘being a great communicator’ is in a leader’s skillset. And let’s face it, it’s not an assertion that many are going to argue with.