Building a cause

To build a cause, leaders must go beyond the rational language of business plans.  A cause is part-rational, part-emotional.  A cause is a set of ideas, presented in a way that engages the heart as well as the head.

Those who draft strategy understand the importance of clear goals and well defined plans.  These are, of course, crucial to any successful leader.

However, in creating a cause, deeper questions arise.  Such as: who are we?  What is our purpose as an organisation?  What are our values?  And, crucially: in what ways do we need our future to be different from our past?  And why?

At Visible Leaders, we work with leaders to rearticulate future plans, so that they engage with key audiences at an emotional – as well as rational – level.  
We help to translate organisational ambition into a cause that can be understood by all – whether what is involved is major transformation, or a part of business-as-usual.  

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