Visible Leadership

Creating emotional connection

Great leaders, in all fields, know how to connect emotionally with the people they lead.   

They have a talent for making big ideas resonate at a local level.  They have a gift for helping others to see their part in the bigger picture. They understand that individuals need to understand their role and their contribution to the stated ambition.  They connect individuals to the broader cause.

At Visible Leaders, we help leaders to build these crucial connections across their organisation.   We help to craft persuasive messages, naturally.  But we also work on the relevant personal dimensions of communication: such as style, pace, impact, nuance and confidence in delivery.  

We understand that audiences – even in a business setting – respond with their hearts as well as with their heads.  

Naturally, we adapt around the individual leader’s character and style.  But some key principles remain constant.  The narrative must be personal.  The nuancing must be authentic.  The future vision must feel concrete.  There must be a call to action.  The case for change must be made in a way that involves the audience – and addresses their hopes and fears.

A leader’s task is to connect.  And our task is to help make this happen. 


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