Making it personal

Great strategies do not deliver themselves.  They need living, breathing leaders to champion them.  And great leaders go further.  They align themselves to their organisation’s values and goals, adding to the impact and authenticity of their communications.

There is no single or best way for a leader to communicate.  Some dig deep into rhetoric and passion.  Others prefer a measured, evidence-based delivery.  Some persuade.  Some cajole.  Some do both.  What matters is that a leader’s communications feel authentic, credible and inspiring.  

At Visible Leaders, we work with individual leaders – at all levels – to ensure that the case for change is communicated in a style that sits comfortably with them.  

We help leaders to be more personal  in the their style of communication.  This is not a nice-to-have.  All the evidence suggests that when leaders connect with their audiences on this more personal level, they are trusted more, and inspire greater support and action.

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