leadership communication as inspiration

We see communication as the currency of leadership.

Used well, it persuades, influences, inspires. Without it there is only command and control, cold authority, and the basic transaction between leader and employee.

We help leaders to be more effective users of the currency. To master its intricacies, it’s nuances and to fully capture its power. The power to bring clarity. To win over doubters. To engage in ideas and the art of the possible.

Research by The Leadership Council shows business leaders rank communication as the single most important skill of leadership. YouGov research shows it to be one of the most powerful drivers of engagement.

As we move into the era of the collaboration-economy, leaders’ reliance on communication will only increase. As a specialist consultancy, our aim is to help leaders become super-users of this most valuable currency.

Some of the communication challenges faced during a day in the life of a leader.

Visible Leadership

We have worked with successful leaders from a wide range of organisations, operating in a mix of cultures and geographies.  

Yet, despite all this variety, our experience is that – at root – all great leaders have mastered the same three things:

  1. They convert potentially dry, rational plans into engaging, emotional ideas.  They have the ability to create a cause that mobilises others to believe and to act.
  2. They attach themselves to their cause in a highly personal way.  They align their personal goals with broader, corporate goals.  They become the human embodiment of the organisation’s values and future ambition.
  3. They are able to connect emotionally with others.  They understand the power of a well-nuanced message, and the importance of taking others with you on a joint-journey into the future.