Communication: The Heart and Soul of Leadership

We believe that at the heart of leadership lies great communication. Great leaders inspire change and motivate their teams through what they say, what they do and how they listen.

Some people think that the greatest leaders are born with it. Sometimes. But leadership skills can be developed. Communicating as a leader can be taught. And that is where we come in.

At Visible Leaders, we help leaders to articulate a vision that inspires. Working with leaders at all levels, we help them develop the skills to engage their internal and external audiences, to drive performance and realise their organisation’s ambitions.

What We Offer

We take an individual, tailored approach with all our clients, developing an empathetic understanding of your core business issues, so we can prescribe the best course of action.

Then we coach your people through a carefully curated mix of real-world examples, practical tools and thought-provoking theory to stimulate and start delivering measurable results right away.

We’ve been there

We understand leadership communication better than anyone. We understand the challenges of communicating in large organisations and matrixed teams. We understand how communication can falter at times of change or rapid growth.

Because we’ve faced those challenges too. From multinational corporates to growth businesses, large agencies to major consultancies, our team has years of experience in leading teams and managing change across organisations of all sizes.

What makes for great leadership communication?

We have worked with successful leaders from a wide range of organisations, operating across a mix of cultures and geographies.

Despite this variety, we have consistently seen that all great leaders have mastered the same three things:

  1. They are able to build a cause that mobilises others to believe and to act
  2. They make it personal, embodying their goals within the broader, corporate goals
  3. They connect emotionally with others to create a sense of shared journey