What a difference a month makes

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We all know that the chances of the December-to-January date change triggering some kind of major personal reinvention are pretty much zero. New Year, new you, no thanks! That said, January can be a platform for making a positive commitment to build on what’s gone before. And that’s precisely what we’ve done at Visible Leaders.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve been finding ways to support individual leaders, teams and cohorts to be more inspiring communicators. And we continue to build leader capabilities, and business and personal communications around purpose, vision, values and strategic engagement.

In the era of ambiguity, uncertainty and agility, we felt we needed to go further to support leaders with the communication challenges they face. And so, rather than focusing just on narrative, we are increasingly addressing skills and the leader mind-set needed to engage and inspire. Thanks to the amazing expertise and experience in our team, we’ve been able to expand our reach, while keeping communication at the core of everything we do. Examples include how to hold productive or difficult conversations, fostering positive team dynamics, providing candid feedback, not just listening but ‘listening for’ and influencing in matrix organisations.

For us, this is an evolution rather than a revolution, but one that we feel equips leaders to be more effective in the ever more demanding workplace. So when Dry January is over, if you’d like, perhaps we can sit down over a drink and talk some more about it.